Bringing light to life.

Light is life.

Pitched roofs being almost a norm, due to the Slovene climate conditions and local regulations, the space underneath is always a challenge for an architect. How to make the most out of it under the inclined ceiling, where parts are too low even to seat beneath, while others are too high for any reasonable use. And most of the space is doomed to be dark.

Or it would be, would it not have been for the roof windows that enable us to bring light and extra height into the otherwise deprived space.

When one decides, in order to bring the light in, to make a hole into the roof, – which, by definition, is not something one would look forward to with appreciation – one wants to be sure, that that would be done right. No leaking, easy to open and close, properly shaded,…

With their long tradition of roof windows manufacturer, top of the line technical solutions and proven details, light simulations and wide variety of sizes, designs and accessories, one can be sure with VELUX to be in good hands of the experts.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič


Ljubljanska cesta 51a
1236 Trzin