Wood Preservation Centre
Protecting the wood since 1951

When it comes to building, be it the construction, finishes or furniture, wood is my preferred choice of material. Natural by its origin, renewable, recyclable, with impressive constructional features, easy to process and build with, beautiful,… and long lasting – if used and treated properly.

When appropriate, I’d opt for natural treatments like thermal treatment, waxing or even leave it untreated and allow it to age gracefully.

Nevertheless, the specific usage means call to prevent the wood being exposed to moisture or pests for a longer periods of time. In that cases the preservatives might prove to be the only viable solutions. When it comes to that, I want to be sure, that the treatment used is effective and also ecological as far as it goes. Not being able to supervise the whole process, one needs a trusted partner with a proven track record.

In both cases, be it the natural treatments or coatings, I learned to rely on SILVAPRODUKT – a company with a long tradition and a waste experience on the field of wood protection, to walk-their-ecological-talk.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič


Leskoškova cesta 6
1000 Ljubljana