Sometimes – rarely, but sometimes – you draw a first sketch on a napkin and it essentially does not change during the creative and planning process. It does not mean, that you don’t try other options and variations – just to be sure. But usually you just know, that you have got it nailed right from the start.

On other, more common, occasions, the creation is a process that goes on and on, and on… Version after version. Combination after combination. Scenario after scenario…. It is exhausting. It is painful. Deadlines whooosshhh by. At some moments it is depressing. Sketch after sketch… Things just dos not come together the way you would prefer. There are moments, when you are so down, that you start to convince yourself, that “THAT is good enough”. But deep down, deep inside you, you know that it is not. It just isn’t. And you take a break, compose yourself. And start over. With a blank peace of trace paper in front of you. Following the thought. The feelings about the place, the client. Following your vision…

And if you are persistent enough, then – and only then – you come up with a solution, that is clean.

And readable.

And simple.

So simple, that at the end, when you present it to your client, you could read it in their eyes: “That is nice. Really nice. But… this is so simple everybody could have done it.”

But fortunately they (the right clients) do not say it since deep down they feel that it might not be the case. And they could feel that you have really give them every bit of yourself. And they appreciate it.

I love my clients for that.

And that is why I am committed to them, to give them nothing less than the best of me.

Matej Gašperič