Roof strong as a bull.

If I would be in a position to choose the most important part of the house, it could definitely be the roof. One could argue about the importance of the foundation, walls, windows, etc. and one would be right.  But when one opts for the shelter, it would be the cover that he would search first. Without the roof, all other parts fade out into uselessness. 

So when designing a house, choosing the roof solution is one of the most important. Due to its importance,  it is not surprising that o wonder, there are many options available offering different technical characteristics and lifespans.  But when one is looking for a solution like for forever, there is always PREFA that comes out at the top of the list.

The fact, that it is a material that comes in many shapes and variances and allows us. the architects, to use it to cover – not just the roof but – also the walls and to enable us to seamlessly envelop even irregular shapes, makes it just even more appealing.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič

PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH

Werkstraße 1
A-3182 Marktl/Lilienfeld