25 years of opening eyes, minds and doors, all over the world.
In Slovenia since 2010.


If there is one thing I am sure of, it is the fact that, however hard the bureaucrats tried, the quality architecture could not be legislated. It even can not be enforced by architects alone.

The only way for it to happen is for the initiative to come from the clients. The ordinary people, without architectural education, with all their predetermined believes and experiences of what is possible and how things should be done.

Therefore is there any better way to open their mind, broaden their horizons and nullify their preconceptions but to open the door and to invite them to experience the qualities of the good architecture by themselves.

And that is exactly what Open House is doing worldwide with OHS graciously following their footsteps in Slovenia. They are changing a living culture benchmark and raising quality architecture awareness to a higher level.  For both, as an architect and a citizen, I am very grateful.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič


Barjanska cesta 16
1000 Ljubljana