Smart house is a healthy house

Intelligent building technology brought us the possibility to seamlessly connect our in-house systems and ‘teach’ them to properly respond to, either our actions or environmental changes. Blinds can be preprogramed to respond to the meteorological station inputs and lights attuned to our mood. Visitors – welcomed and unwelcomed, can be detected and seen although we are not even at home and treated properly. Heating and cooling automatically adjusted to the season of the year, local weather condition and our presence. Everything has become possible and only sky is the limit. Heck… even a fridge can remind us that we are running out of milk.

All that is nice, might come handy and ads to our comfort. However, I myself prefer a reasonable discomfort over a perfect comfort. All those numerous features does not appeal to me all that much.

What makes me a strong advocate of the intelligent building technology are the little features – features, that enable our homes to be healthier, less energy consuming and sustainable and to accommodate the changes that the life brings upon us.

Choosing a technology and support provider is a long lasting decision. For my own home, I opted for GIRA and its Slovene representative PROJEKT GT – the decision that I, and my clients, never regretted.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič


Leskoškova cesta 6
1000 Ljubljana