Architecture for respectful people

Sometimes, one is not entirely sure, why one is attracted to do something.

You are well aware that you’ll have to invest additional time into it, while being short on time already.
And that it is almost certain, that you’ll not earn any money out of it but rather need to invest some of your own.
You have a hard time to rationalise it.
There is simply no clear motive.
But still, one is driven by an invisible force.

Throughout the years, I kind of learn to recognise this impulses, to attribute them to – what I named – the inner calling.
And learned to listen to them nevertheless!

So here we are… Immersive Architecture community is born!
Wish it luck and let it grow!

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič

As those who are closest to me know, I don’t often like to divulge details of my personal feelings and life publicly, let alone write about them!
However, sometimes this is the only way to communicate something important, to share something that, to me, is very special. So, I will share this now with the world…with you.

This story all started (3) years ago. I was a student of architecture, safely cocooned in a bubble of architecture at FA-LJ. While still studying, I met Matej Gašperič, a local architect, and was lucky enough to get to start working in his office – Biro Gašperič.
After a year of his mentorship and employment, he proposed that all of us young employees should venture to Australia to participate in an Architectural Summer School. After I had exhausted all of my trepidations and excuses for not going, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and flew across the world.

The Summer School, organized and run by OZ.E.TECTURE, is a week-long intensive design-based workshop. I had the privilege of learning from the great architects and teachers Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury, and Lindsay Johnston. This learning was a pure joy, a priceless, humbling experience. In only a week, I experienced the greatest architectural paradigm shift of my life.
This week of learning did not just confront the design of buildings but provoked response and respect for all aspects of life, of nature, culture and spirit of place. From these great teachers I learned about READING THE LAND, a lesson that I will hold on to for life.
Being a part of a community like that, and after, back home, being apart from it, I felt that I needed to return to Australia and return to this village of thought.

So I flew again, the very same year, all of the way back to Australia. This time I returned to join the OZ.E.TECTURE team, volunteering at the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass. Amongst architectural participants from all over the world, I had the pleasure of listening to, and learning from Glenn Murcutt himself. The incredible Brit Anderson, “Big Rick” Richard, “always with a story” Peter and our dear Deep and Wide Singer Lindsay, all guided us through another empowering week of architectural life learning.
For me, that was it. I now know that I not only want to design with their philosophy in mind, but to live, respect and practice restrain like them, and to someday repay and pass on what they so humbly gave me.

That ‘someday’ occurred a few months ago, the day that Matej had the idea of creating our own community. A community born from the sincere and humble wish to take all of the knowledge we received ‘Down Under’ and share it here in Slovenia.
Before long, the idea had evolved into a plan, the plan blossomed into a carefully refined project, and from this the IMMERSIVE ARCHITECTURE community was born.

Eva Matijaševič

Biro Gašperič