We bring the light when the sun sets, so that life can go on.
Your trusted partner/ guide to artificial lighting.

Light is life.

But since the men stepped on a path that separated us from the animals, we find a day to short and strived it to prolong it through different means of artificial light. First, there were torches, then oils and petroleum lamps and gas lamps until finally electricity took over. But even so, not so long ago, the lightning was simple. A wire, a bulb and that was basically it.
Today, with all the various light sources and accumulated know how about the proper and healthy illumination of the space, the light planning has become and expert field of its own. And all that apart of enormous number of different lights’ designs, with new appearing literally daily.

Being well aware of all that as well of about an importance of proper lightning, and, on the other hand, determined, to offer my clients the top solution on that field as well, I was looking for a partner on which I could rely on to take care of this part of the project on a highest level.

And I find that kind of partner in ARCADIA.

Matej Gašperič

Architect, Biro Gašperič


Šmartinska cesta 152
1000 Ljubljana